I just want to paint this picture of where I am right now because I never want to forget it.

My heart is settled and at peace. My physical body is warm and cozy. My lips have been graced with the taste of a soy, no-water chai latte (which happens to be my favorite). The mismatched sounds filling my ears include, but are not limited to, Bon Iver, Ray LaMontagne, Citizen Cope, a Starbucks employee sweeping a broom across the floor, coffee beans grinding, and subtle murmurs spread throughout the dimly lit java shop. The shuffle of baristas behind the counter is sending a sweet aroma of Christmas themed lattes through the air that settles like a fog around us. If friendship were a tangible, visible, thing that you could look at like a painting on the wall, I would be looking at it right now. The community around me makes my heart flip with excitement and security all at the same time. It is something to be able to sit in the presence if ones you love and feel completely enjoyed. Whether conversing with each other or not. One of my favorite things is just being in someone’s company while doing two separate things. Do you know how this feels? Right now I am in the company of my roommates and best friends (minus Missy at the moment) and though we are just sitting around a wooden table studying and writing, we are still engaged in what each other is doing. Does that make sense? I truly believe that is how we are supposed to feel with God. Though Blair is sitting across the table from me, not involved in what I am doing over here, I am still completely engrossed in the drawing she is working on, seeing concentration in her face and maybe subconsciously reacting to expressions she may be making. Kate is sitting beside me, focused on her writing, but she can still feel me stupidly bobbing my head to my music and acknowledges that with a hidden smile. To my left, Sarah is reading a book that I know she isn’t particularly interested in, and we can all sort of feel the huff and puff resonating in that feeling of impartiality. So you see, even though we are each doing something different we still have a connection deeper than the surface level of what is happening now that allows us to feel what each other is feeling, if even subconsciously. Hopefully you have experienced this with your loved ones and close friends because I believe is it just a taste of how we connect with our Savior. If we could really understand everything about the way He sees us, about the way He so deeply knows us… Well, I know I would just fall over. That’s the beauty of it. We can’t understand everything. But he knows us better than we know ourselves. Scary. I know you’ve heard that before, but I try to remind myself every so often because I tend to start to think that I know everything about everything. Find your best friend in Christ and be ever connected in mind, body, and soul.

That is all.


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