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Well, time for an update I suppose.
For those of you who have been following my little red dotted line slowly tracing it’s way across the country, I have now made it back to Tennessee. And will hopefully not be going anywhere for a good while. But of course that’s what I said about Phoenix too… It’s always an adventure following God, right? Last time I wrote to you I was at Starbucks with my best friends and now…*sniff* …old roommates. If I was speaking very honestly, I would say I want to be back there right this very moment. If I was speaking for the future, I would say I can’t wait to do that again in May when Missy marries her best friend. But I guess I’ll just speak for right now… I am sitting on the floor in my new room sipping water from an unfamiliar mug, leaning up against an unfamiliar wall, listening to my new roommates unfamiliar laughs coming from upstairs, which, you guessed it, is also unfamiliar. Nothing seems to go together, yet it all seems… acceptable… I think this word –unfamiliar– is something I have recently noticed I’d become accustomed to. Contradiction? Maybe. The unfamiliar has surrounded me lately, and I’ve become okay with it. Now whether I’ve decided that is a bad thing or not, I don’t know…
Is it possible to get used to not knowing your surroundings? Do we find ourselves in that situation more often then we think? Even in my relationship with God, sometimes it feels like I know my way around because I’ve been at it for so long, but the reality is that sometimes it is all too unfamiliar to me. I may be sitting on the ground typing on my very familiar computer, listening to music I’ve memorized, but where I am physically at is still unknown to me. It is still new. It’s the same with God. We are still learning every day, even if we think there is nothing else to learn.

I pray this new journey becomes only more familiar as time goes on. 

And for you my friend, I pray that you do not find yourself in a rut where you feel as though you know nothing anymore. Are not good enough anymore. No one cares anymore, because everyone has moved on to bigger and better things without you. Lose your self-pity and turn to the all-knowing God. Who, as hard as it is for me to believeknows the plans He has for YOU. 

Peek into the unknown with an eager heart, and wait patiently while the Lord gives you your next step. 

I’m workin’ on it… 

Promise it won’t be as long until I write again…. *fingers crossed*

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