Le Clé.

HOLY culture shock. I don’t remember having this much trouble last time I came here. Maybe I had practiced more French then? It was probably the fact that our tour guide was fluent so we, the students, didn’t really have to talk to anyone. Goodness, it’s so much different than it was. It’s definitely a lot more of an adventure. I mean, who knows what I am saying to them?? All I hear is, “Flu de la splew, pa tu ploof bla blu….” (Just think Joey on Friends- that’s the extent of my understanding.) And they probably think I’m just an American idiot.

Either way-

We are in PARIS!! WooHoo! And even though we spent our day dragging our suitcases on and off the Metro, wandering through the streets like lost puppies, and piecing French words together to try and order dinner… we are finally in our beautiful, cozy flat ready to pass out and get good sleep for another adventure tomorrow!

But we did get to see a couple of pretty cool things today…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bonne nuit, friends.


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