Safro Day 2/3.

Well… we just got back inside from a complete building evacuation. Which is ironic because Anna Grace had just finished our devotion about God being in control. Time to put that faith to good use, eh? But no fear, it was just a prank. A dumb prank that made Ma get out of the bathtub, Anna Grace and I miss the end of Extreme Home Makeover, and Grayson only get to halfway finish shaving.


But for real, it was pretty fun and exciting. There were fire trucks and everything…

…Okay maybe just one.

Yesterday we had afternoon tea at the Tate Modern. The last time I was here in London, our group went to the Tate… Normal? and everyone was ranting and raving about how much better the Modern was. I will say, it was really cool and creative, but good gracious, the things they call art these days. And I am even a lover and appreciator of art. But come on… a pile of poop? I think that’s pushing it.
We left from there and found a little store called Full of Joy, we liked that.
That night we saw Les Miserables. I think the number of members in our family who cried like a baby and those who didn’t was about 50/50.  I’m not gonna lie to you, I voted to go see Thriller. But it was outvoted by the show I thought was going to be so boring. But it wasn’t. It was amazing. And encouraging. And hopeful. And also sad. You could say we were all in a glass case of emotion. And Daniel Jones, if by some weird coincidence you are reading this, Ma said this definitely reminded her of you and she was sure you would love it. But whether you’re Daniel, or anyone else, we highly recommend seeing this show as soon as possible.

Oh also, on our walk to the Tube after grabbing some pizza, we witnessed a bar fight… outside the bar. Schaaweet! Kinda freaked me out a little.

This morning we slept in then made our way to Harrods- the shopping Mecca of the universe.

I am telling you, sensory overload. It’s ridiculous. I would recommend a 24 unscheduled hours, a shopping list, loads of cash, and maybe two Advil. Maybe. But it’s so much fun to walk around and just look at everything. It makes you wish you had the time to see it all. And to taste all the food. One of the floors in particular is dedicated to all of their different foods. So. Many. Amazing. Smells. Gosh. I wanted to eat everything all at once. I didn’t even care about the art of mixing flavors and cleansing your palate. I think we were all feeling that way, so we decided to look for a sit down restaurant outside of Harrods where we could sort-of pull ourselves together. We ended up at a little Italian hole in the wall called Signor Sassi, which happened to be what I think was the best food we could of found in London. It was amazing, and the service was incredible. They were so kind to us. And one of the men there had just moved back to London from Miami, FL. Whadaya know.

When we thought we had refueled enough on pasta and cappuccino, we crossed back over the street to head back into Harrods, round two. We split up to tackle this fashion giant and the boys stayed downstairs while we (the girls) went to the 4th floor to enjoy… the pet paradise? Okay, I have to admit… it was my idea. I just miss Bentley so  much. But it was incredible the things they think of for pets. I mean seriously, I almost accidentally ate dog popcorn because it looked so human. We made our way through the gift shop and back out to the streets in search of Buckingham palace, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben. All also incredibly beautiful.

We were so excited to get back to the room and get some good rest for another travel day tomorrow, but little did we know, some little kid in the West Wing had other plans for all of us.

Now, grab some popcorn and take a look at how fun we are.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Goodnight world.


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