Oh, what a wonderful thing.

I’d like to be able to tell you that I really am not that tired and that I think I’m just about back on track… but I know as soon as I say something like that I will fall on the floor and pass out. But really- the jet lag was worse going than coming home.

Incredible. Fantastic. Blessed. A beautiful life.
There are so many ways to describe the trip we were just able to take. It was amazing. I am so proud of my family. Even though I could sob through a whole box (and then some) of tissues thinking about how I am missing my little bros and sis grow up, I am so amazed each time we get together at how much they’ve grown.

On Easter Sunday we had the privilege of visiting Hillsong Paris for church. Holy moly it was amazing. Ministry like that speaks to my heart so strongly. They did the service in both English and French, but even if they hadn’t, the presence of the Lord was so settled like the heaviest fog that I think we still would have understood. It was so beautiful to stand among people who didn’t even speak your language but could connect with you on a deeper level than some of the people I know who do speak my language. Of course it was Hillsong, so there was worship, and it was incredible, then some drama, and intertwined teaching and communion. But after all of that, right before we were dismissed, we reached across the aisles and held hands with the people beside us for the last prayer. I was on the end of the aisle, so the girl standing behind/beside me was about my age and, from what I could tell, didn’t speak one word of English, but it was so super cool to stand beside her and hold her hand and literally feel the Holy Spirit move through us. I almost gave her a hug after we said Amen, but I don’t know if they have personal space bubbles in France.

Unfortunately, plenty of crepes, metros, and a Mona Lisa later, it was time to go home. Boo. The last few days in Paris were so beautiful! And by beautiful I am referring to the company and culture and events that took place, because weather-wise, it was quite crappy. But we still had fun with inside-out umbrellas and 5 layers on!

This whole trip was a ridiculous privilege and blessing. If we never get to do anything like this again, we’ll all be happy that we at least did it once. It is something we’ll remember forever. I can’t wait to get pictures printed and I know Momma’s looking forward to a coffee table picture book. Woot!

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Now, for more coffee to cure my jet lag.


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