Full House.

I LOVE having a full house.

Growing up, our door was always open. I am thankful for that.

Katelyn and I had a little girl sleepover last night in my room. Okay I just lied. We actually had a grandma sleepover because I honestly passed out about 10 minutes into whatever movie we were watching. Anyways, this morning Kate and I swapped stories, walked to Kroger because we were out of coffee, and started breakfast- all before 8:30 am. 8:30 people. By 9:30 I had a full kitchen table and one on the way. And I was dishin’ out crepes like there was no tomorrow. (Yes, I convinced everyone they were craving crepes just so I had an excuse to have one. Cha-ching!) I love that fact that people feel comfortable enough in my home to walk in the front door and open the fridge, or help themselves to a cup of coffee and a seat at the dining room table. LOVE IT. I think one of the reasons I’ve been cooking so much lately is because to me it’s a way to bring the people I love together.

One of my love languages is quality time. So to have a full, loud, laughing house is so fun to me. It fills my soul and in a sense- refuels me.

I think God wants this for us. I imagine my mansion in Heaven won’t have any locks, so anyone can come and go as they please. It pleases the Lord to see us in good, healthy community. Granted, it is so hard to find sometimes, but so worth the wait.

Last Wednesday was Katelyn’s 21st birthday!

We’ve decided that she looks older. Don’t you think? I am so stinkin’ thankful for this woman. I couldn’t even begin to count the amount of character traits I’ve learned from her. Patience. Joy. Kindness. Acceptance. Joy. Love. Confidence. Joy. Forgiveness. Did I say joy? Such a blessing that I’ve gotten to build a friendship with this amazing woman of God. I am so proud to call her my friend. I challenge you to find anyone in this world more joyful than Katelyn Cooper. Really. We are doing a bible study on joy together right now, but honestly I’m the one who needs it most. I thank God daily for this lifelong friendship!

What would it look like if not only our physical homes, but the metaphorical home in our heart was always filled with good community? What would it look like to invite someone in that you wouldn’t normally consider? Someone that isn’t like you?

It is such a beautiful day here.
I’m off to enjoy it!



One thought on “Full House.

  1. pauselife says:

    Dawww! 🙂 too sweet! Thanks so much bestiee! Lovee you and so blessed to have you in my life!

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