Child-like Everything.

Happy. Weird. Fun. Loving. Spontaneous. Curious. Quirky. Peaceful. Growing. Confident. Hopeful.

Blessed. Overwhelmed.

You could say these are just a few of the words I could use to describe my life right now.
But mostly overwhelmed. In the most breathtaking way. I don’t know if it’s the place I’m in, the people I’ve chosen to surround myself with, the love I’m trying to give and so blessed to receive… but GOSH, my life is so overwhelming and in the best way possible.

I am so beyond grateful for the life my God has given me, and everything, good and bad, that has lead up to these moments. I feel like I’ve waited my whole life to feel like this.

When a young child walks into a room they have not ever been into, there is a sense of urgency in their soul. Urgency to see, touch, feel, hear, taste, learn, watch, and connect with everything. Kids are so curious, always wanting to further their knowledge of the things they don’t know. Our Lord commanded us to live with child-like faith, did He not? Lately my eyes have been opened to be able to understand the pureness of a child’s soul and mind when she is intrigued with something she does not know. And I love it. I feel so confident that this is how I was made to live my life. I have such a joy and enthusiasm about life that I didn’t have even a week ago. It’s so incredible how our God changes things for His glory, Amen?

This weekend is graduation for all my friends little brothers. Cra-zy. It makes me feel old. But not really, because I’ll never grow up.

Katelyn’s family is in town for her little brother Austin’s graduation tomorrow, and just a bit ago they were over here seeing the house and hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. Kate’s little cousin, Haley, was here as well. That little girl can’t be more than 2 1/2. But even meeting and spending like 20 minutes with her I was just so engrossed with her laughter, it made me want to laugh. It was contagious.

Kids are contagious. No, not just those snot rocket sniffles they spread everywhere. But their laughter, their love, their lack of judgement. They love with reckless abandon, and it is absolutely gorgeous. That’s why the Lord asked us for a child-like faith. Everything is so much easier when you are constantly trusting someone else to make your decisions. I think we forget the comfort we can find in handing everything over to someone else. To someone else who already knows what to do, or what’s going to happen, or what the answer is. All of this still blows my mind.

If this ever stops being fascinating to me then I have failed in having the curious, accepting, abundant faith of a child. I pray that never happens.

Let’s be like Haley, laughing just because Bentley’s tail brushed by her shoulder. It is with the utmost joy that we should feel every little brush, touch, kiss, and whisper that our King gifts to us throughout our days.

Soak it in. Eyes wide open so you don’t miss a single thing.


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