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My Grown Up Christmas List.

Yeah, yeah. I know it’s not Christmas. But I do love Christmas. And Amy Grant. I remember being little and sobbing to that song in the back of our mini van on the way to school every morning. But I also love the Summer. And being tan. Actually I like Spring and Fall the best. Oh and fireworks. I like those too.

(How did I get to fireworks?) 


I am pretty sure the year I lived in Arizona I forgot it was my own birthday until I got a package from my family. But apparently that’s not allowed anymore. Because I live with Katelyn, and birthdays are a big deal around here. So I’ve decided to start early. There’s nothing cool about turning 22, so I figure it needs to be celebrated for like… 2 weeks. Yeah?

I also decided to commence the celebrating with a wish list. Now. Obviously these are just wishes, but that’s still fun, right?

In no particular order:


I know High Point, NC is supposed to be the furniture capital of the world or something… but until I see it I’m sticking with IKEA. The Disney World Mecca Kings Island Harrod’s of furniture stores. I could cry thinking about the fact that the closest one to me is about 2-3 hours away. I could also grieve the fact that I didn’t take advantage of the one I had in Arizona. My secret dream is to get locked inside of one overnight. But I think I am going to take a special birthday trip to the nearest location and gawk at the beautiful interior design and small little trinkets I don’t need but desperately want. Well… I kind of need a couch.

iPro Lenses.

This thing is amazing. Sadly, my iPhone takes better pictures then my “real” camera… Boo. But also. AWESOME. (Technology these days…)

Anything kitchen.

I mean, since I’m obsessed with cooking now… Every girl can always use more kitchen things right? And paintings.

Honestly, I don’t have that great of a wish list. Maybe all I want for my birthday is to figure out what the HECK I am supposed to be doing with my life. But for now I’ll spend it with my best friends, family, and my lil boy Bentley.

Seriously, look at that face.

His picture is bigger because I love him the most. (Or because I didn’t know how to make it smaller.) And that’s Kate’s sweet little LanaRae behind him… I don’t know how they are so precious together.

All I really need is the amazing community I’ve been blessed with, my incredible family, the open road (I’m not kidding), and my sweet Daddy and Prince of Peace.

But who doesn’t like a neat Rolex, eh?

Happy almostnotthereyetbutreallyclosekinda birthday week to me!

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