I just realized that today I turned my favorite number.

I think I always liked writing the number 2, and 22 was just double the fun, but 222 was too much. So I found the happy medium and stuck with it. It works I guess.

There’s nothing really fun about turning 22. I mean, the next thing on my list is renting a car… but maybe by then we’ll all be riding horses again because of sky-rocketing gas prices. I think I’d rather ride an ostrich.

Hey, I can do whatever I want. It’s my birthday.

On that note, I just finished what might be the most life changing book of my entire life. (Sorry, mom.) And in two days mind you.  Love Does by Bob Goff. Go.buy.it.now. The stories are hilarious, the teaching is wonderful and the challenge is phenomenal. It all revolves around the idea/fact that Love is an action verb. Which is totally cool because I love to give love, get love, share love, witness love in action- gosh, i just love love. I love anything that requires a challenge. Conquering someones walls and scoring a hard friendship, finding a home for a homeless friend, scraping up the money to support kids somewhere far away, standing up for what I believe in. It may not seem like it, but if you know me, you know where my heart is. And this book was the epitome of my heart.

It sort of chaps my khaki’s though, because I’m like, why the heck am I not out there doing the stuff that I get fired up about?? Am I scared? Am I holding on to something I need to let go of? Do I feel like I’ll lose everything? Of course I will!! But if what my Daddy says is true, and to lose is to gain, then I believe I am set! I have been sitting around shootin’ the breeze thinking about what I’d like to do someday in some place to help some person do something… 

So what am I gonna do?

We’ll see. Take a chance, dive in, DO something. No use in sitting around waiting for something to come along, when I could just as easily seek it out. Cause that’s what Love Does.


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